Welcome to the Medway Sailing Barge Match.

The 2016 Medway Barge Match will be held on 28th May.

- 2012, 2013 and 2014 Match DVDs are available to purchase from Sun Pier House, Chatham, www.sunpierhouse.co.uk

Through the industrial revolution and Victorian expansion of London, the sailing barge evolved to be one of the most efficient small cargo carrying vessels of the world.

Competiton for freights has always existed, but Henry Dodd started the first official barge match in 1863 on the Thames. The Medway soon followed with the inaugral match held in 1880.

As the years progressed, barges were being kept purely for racing, with huge unsustainable rigs and professional crews.

This could not last in a developing world and in 1963, the last professional match was held on the Medway.

Restarted soon after by barge ‘yachts’, the Medway Match is now one of eight barge matches around the coast, which form the ‘Barge Championship’. With up to 20 barges competing, many over 100 years old, it is truly a sight to behold on our famous, industrial river.

Programmes are on sale and can be picked up at one of the following outlets or posted to you.

Programmes cost £2, which goes towards the cost of running the match.

Upchurch newsagents
Gillingham Marina
Sun Pier House, Chatham



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